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EQ Station - The New Benchmark for Live EQ

The New Benchmark in Live EQ
More than a decade ago TC Electronic introduced the multi-award winning TC 1128/6032 EQ. It became the benchmark for digitally controlled Graphic EQ’s. Now TC Electronic is back in the live business using cutting edge 48 bit DSP processing and superb ADA conversion technology - the result is EQ Station, the next generation EQ solution for the most demanding live-sound applications.

When time and control is of the essence
With EQ Station’s intuitive user interface you will be up and running within minutes! You no longer have to choose between ease of operation and a full set of features. The layout of the user interface was designed to fit the live sound requirement for instant access to all major control functions.

EQ Station Flash Presentation

Please try out the EQ Station and Motofader 64 flash presentation, if you want to get an interactive tour of all the product details.

Main Features
Read more in the Main Features section on this page about processing and features in this new groundbreaking EQ system for any live-sound application.

Meet us at IBC 2012
Check how high the bar is set in loudness metering and processing. Visit us at this year's IBC. We are proud to display a wide range of loudness meters that are fully compliant with all of the major international broadcast standards such as EBU R128, ATSC A/85 and ITU-R BS.1770-2.

Where to buy

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Radar Meter Bundle for Pro Tools | HD
Radar Meter Bundle for Pro Tools HD is a complete loudness meter package that is perfect for all post and production studios whether they deliver for broadcast or cinema. Radar Meter Bundle is a free upgrade for existing LM5D users. Please note that the iLok license is named "LM5D".

TC Equips New DR Building
DR chose the Dynaudio Acoustics AIR series as the standard monitoring setup in all sound and video editing suites.